When we talk about the benefits of home security. We believe the portal is If you also want to know what it is, find out that Home Depot has created the portal specifically for its employees. Provides various benefits to all employees so they can quickly obtain and use their benefits information.


As a large company, it employs thousands of people. The company has created a website for the convenience and good support of all its employees. With the help of which the company can easily contact all the employees of your company and provide them with the best facilities.

Many employees do not understand the benefits of working at Home Depot. If you are also interested in learning more about the benefits of using LiveTheOrangeLife, let me tell you that there are many ways to benefit from it. Here are some of the main benefits. Visit the official Mythdhr website for complete information.

LiveTheOrangelife  Benefits

 It is recommended to visit the official website before accessing the employee performance portals.

  • Expense account, combined donation plan, tuition reimbursement program.
  • CARE / Solutions for Life Protection of people in need of care.
  • exotic insurance.
  • Short and long-term disability insurance, life insurance.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan.
  • Income Tax Preparation Discount Program, Employee Discount.
  • Moving assistance.
  • Smoking cessation system.
  • Adoption assistance.
  • Legal services plan.


  • Special offer of 15% on every purchase in LiveTheOrangeLifestores.
  • METDesk: Dependent Help With Special Needs.
  • The deferred profit-sharing plan allows employees of for-profit companies to plan for retirement in advance. All employees earn 4% of their annual income after one year of service.
  • With Livetheorangelife, they can help you put your financial future on hold. Employees can make voluntary contributions through convenient pre-tax payroll deductions and choose from a variety of mutual funds.
  • Home Depot employees can also use LiveTheOrangeLifeto get discounts on all in-store and other purchases.
  • They offer an employee share purchase program that gives employees a 15% discount on every company share they purchase from Livetheorangelife.
  • As part of their tuition reimbursement program, some schools offer 50% fees and colleges up to $ 500.