Friends LiveTheOrangeLife is a portal specially developed for your employees, from which all employees can use this portal with MyTHDHR, which has been specially developed for Home Depot employees. And the economic benefits can be used directly through the portal. For this, all these employees need the help of the official online site, which is very simple.


Live the Orange Life is your one-stop-shop for everything from health care benefits and member discounts to consulting services. When we talk about the official Home Depot website. LiveTheOrangeLife is an online web portal for national warehouse employees. Employees can access all benefits in one place through this portal.

If you are an employee and want to enjoy all the rewards and benefits, you should visit the main website

or Get Assistance

Employees can access their annual financial and medical benefits program directly through The portal. Before you fill the position, we would like to let you know if you are an employee. So that you can use all the facilities without any problem. Before you can use all the functions, you need to perform a few steps. How to register on the official website.

Get all the details about the next job and legendary benefits like medicine, health, vacations, purchase of 401,000 shares. Find out about the transaction, receive your loyalty points, etc. You can use many functions by logging in. Now read the step-by-step instructions to know everything about the LiveTheOrangeLife portal.

How To Setup A New Account On The Portal?

If you are new to this site and would like information on how to set up your account, let me tell you that it is very easy to open your account. To open it, you need a document related to your work. With this help, you can easily open your account and take advantage of all the possibilities.

In accordance with the guidelines below, step-by-step information has been provided to help you easily create your account. Follow the steps below and register on the official website. The direct link below will take you to the registration page. Please read all the steps carefully before signing up for LiveTheOrangeLife.

If you provide incorrect information when registering, you will not be able to register online. So please be careful before submitting the application form. Check all the information in the application form. Now follow the indicated procedure.

  • First, visit the main Orange Life website:
  • Now look for the login option on the main page. This will be the right side of the website.
  • A “New User” link will appear, click on it and proceed to the important information.
  • You will now be asked to provide information such as your mythdhr employee ID, the last four digits of your SSN (social security number), your date of birth, your email address, your phone number, and your phone number. Other personal data to verify your identity.
  • After entering all the details, click the Next button.
  • You will be asked to choose your username and password.
  • Now you need to set up your username/username and password.
  • After setting the username and password, click.
  • Then click on the “Connection” button.
  • Within seconds, a welcome email will be sent to your mythdhr host camp email id.
  • Click the confirmation link in the email.
  • Your account will then be activated.

Once you have successfully created your account. It may take some time to load the panel. Do not worry. Wait a few minutes, your dashboard will activate with your work plan and reward you with benefits and more. Now read the LiveTheOrangeLife registration guide below to log into your Mythdhr Benefits account.

What Is The Login Procedure?

Once the registration process is complete, it is now the turn of the login process. As usual, there is a problem logging in with new users. If you are also a new user and want to log in with your username and password, please follow the instructions below and simply log in.


These are the steps to follow to log into your LiveTheOrangeLife account.

  • Now you can start the process. However, please note that you should not start until you have completed the requirements of the LiveTheOrangeLife registration process above.
  • The first step is to choose the device that can connect to the Internet or WiFi.
  • You can select one of the devices and connect it to the Internet or WiFi.
  • Once connected to the Internet or WiFi, you will need to access a web browser. There are different web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc., you can choose one.
  • Go to the Search tab and enter the address of the LiveTheOrangeLife web portal. After entering the web portal address, you need to click on the Search tab.
  • The LiveTheOrangeLife portal takes you to the home page.
  • On the LiveTheOrangeLife home page, you will find the login option on the right side of the page.
  • Select it and start entering your LiveTheOrangeLife login details.
  • First of all, you need to enter your LiveTheOrangeLife username in the first field.
  • You will also need to enter your LiveTheOrangeLife account password in the second field.
  • After entering both credentials, you will need to click on the login option to log into your LiveTheOrangeLife account.
  • Once in your account, you can access all the things that are available to you.

After completing the registration process, the control panel will open on your laptop screen, in which you will find all the information about your work.

You can ask questions about the next job. There you can find out your premium amount, learn about health services and all other information can also be viewed from there.

Official NameLiveTheOrangeLife
Portal CategoryLogin
UsersHome Depot Employees

How To Reset Your Password?

Have you forgotten your password? If so, don’t worry, on this page we will show you how to reset your password. At the same time, we will tell you how to change your password. We often forget the password if we have not logged into our account for several days. Therefore, the website offers the option to reset it.

With which you can reconnect to your account. If you are also one of those people who forgot your password and you want to reset it, you can get it back by following the instructions below.

  • Open the official website ( with your computer / mobile phone
  • Now look for the “Livetheorange Life Benefits Login Page” option.
  • Now click on it. You will be redirected to a new page.
  • A link will appear for “I forgot my password”. Click on it.
  • Now you must enter your SSN and your date of birth.
  • Then click the Next button.
  • Now you have to answer some questions. All of these questions are for safety.
  • After completing the process, you will receive an email to your registered email address. This will have a reset link.
  • Click on the link to change your password. Then set a new password

The Home Depot Employee Benefits

Many employees do not understand the benefits of working at Home Depot. If you are also interested in learning more about the benefits of using LiveTheOrangeLife Mythdhr, let me tell you that there are many ways to benefit from it. Here are some of the main benefits. Visit the official Mythdhr website for complete information. It is recommended to visit the official website before accessing the employee performance portals.


As mentioned above, this portal is about the benefits that Home Depot employees receive. If you want to know more about the benefits of LiveTheOrangeLife, here is the list.

  • Home Depot offers health insurance to its employees, as well as part-time and senior employees over the age of 70.
  • Dental
  • Short-term and long-term disability insurance (for current full-time employees only)
  • Life insurance
  • Accidental Accident and Death Insurance (AD&D)

In LiveTheOrangeLife’s joint success program, employees enjoy benefits as they receive an additional bonus according to their billing. They offer an employee share purchase program that gives employees a 15% discount on every company share they purchase from LiveTheOrangeLife.

As part of the tuition reimbursement program, some schools and colleges offer fees ranging from 50% to $ 5,000.With LiveTheOrangeLife, employees can withdraw from the license.

  • Public holidays
  • Personal/sick days
  • Great vacation
  • Let
  • Jury
  • Floating days
  • I love vacations
  • Days of mourning

The deferred profit-sharing plan allows employees of for-profit companies to plan for retirement in advance. All employees earn 4% of their annual income after one year of service.

With LiveTheOrangeLife, they can help you put your financial future on hold. Employees can make voluntary contributions through convenient pre-tax payroll deductions and choose from a variety of mutual funds. Home Depot employees can also use LiveTheOrangeLife to get discounts on all in-store and other purchases.

The other advantages of LiveTheOrangeLife are:

  • FutureBuilder 401 (k) Plan
  • Banking and direct deposit incentives
  • Expense account
  • Legal services plan
  • Auto/home insurance
  • Veterinary insurance
  • Moving assistance
  • Volunteer events at Team Depot
  • Adequate gift program
  • CARE/solutions for the life
  • Adoption assistance
  • METDesk – Help for Family Members with Special Needs
  • Employee discounts
  • Program to stop smoking
  • Tax preparation reduction program
  • Support people who need care

Getting started with Live the orange life is very easy. You have to go to their website and fill in your personal information and that’s it.

However, before doing so, you must meet certain requirements.

Here Are The Login Requirements?

Requirements are as follows:

LiveTheOrangeLife-employee satisfaction

  • The first thing you need is your 4-digit SSN code. This is the most important thing to hold onto while singing. Also, the SSN code is important to recover your lost password.
  • You need to know your date of birth.
  • To access the web portal, you must have access to a PC, mobile phone, or iPad during registration. The computer is recommended.
  • You must install a modern browser on your device. You can use any browser like Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla.
  • Also, make sure you have an active but reliable internet connection to complete the registration process without interruption.

Customer Service Contact Details

If there are any problems, please contact the office number without hesitation. If you have any issues, such as connection issues, other issues, such as reward point information, or health issues, you can contact the number below.

  • Human Resources Call Center 866-698-4347
  • Choice Center Benefits 800-555-4954
  • Outside the United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada 1-847-883-0557
  • 9 a.m. at 7 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday

About Live The Orange Life

LiveTheOrangeLife is a simple income portal for all employees who work at Home Depot. Let me tell you, The Home Depot is considered one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States, with more than 400,000 employees. They bring many benefits and benefits to your work

To access these benefits, you must visit the official website Live the orange, which has all the information you need to get started. therefore z. It is easy to know how to register and log in, etc. You can satisfy your own needs after registering here.


There are many benefits received by Home depot employees, to access those benefits and their information, they have created a separate portal named any associate of Home depot can visit the portal and access their benefits which include medical, health, vacation employee stock purchase, and more. In order to obtain that information, employees need to log in to the LiveTheOrangeLife portal.

LiveTheOrangeLife has proven to be a great blessing to the company’s employees. This portal primarily includes medical services for Home Depot workers, health, and vacations. To access these facilities, employees must register with LiveTheOrangeLife.

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