Benefits Programs

The LiveTheOrangeLife portal was developed by The Home Depot so that its employees can enjoy the benefits. Benefits are something that produces good or useful results or effects or promotes well-being – great and low prices.


The Home Depot gives employees the flexibility to choose plans and programs that meet individual and family needs through Your Total Worth, Home Depot benefits, and compensation programs. LiveTheOrangeLife has a variety of benefits for employees.

LiveTheOrangeLife – Benefits Programs

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Health Benefits

Make your health a priority and invest in your overall well-being. Use our benefit plans, programs, and resources to help you live an ideal, healthy life. Some of these links will open a new tab in your browser. When you are done, close the tab to return to this site and continue browsing.

Insurance and Plans:

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  • Legal services plan
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Group And Leisure Benefits

The attractive group benefits of this plan include a legal services plan, auto/home insurance, and veterinary insurance. There are paid vacations such as vacation, legal holidays, personal sick leave, vacation, or absences, including military leave, jury duty, and days of mourning.


Benefits For Work and Life

Lifetime benefits such as death benefit, move-in assistance, volunteer team drop-off events, matching gift program, adoption assistance, care/life solutions, METDest, support Based on needs, employee discounts, smoking cessation program, tax preparation program, and beneficiary support are remarkably good.

With your username, you can log in with the relevant documents and information duly completed and approved by the respective services and make changes to your needs and those of your family. Benefits vary for employees in different areas, and you need to understand what applies to your services and what does not. The benefits are different for employees in different areas, and you need to know what applies to you and what does not.

Financial Benefits

  • Future builder and secure connection
  • Investment and retirement
  • More economic benefits
  • Documents and Law